Bf1 Best Guns Medic

Bf1 Best Guns Medic. Though this is an assault rifle, it has the highest rate of fire, and best hip fire accuracy. Bf1 best medic weapon battlefield 1:

Best Medic Gun In Battlefield 1 BF1 Weapon Guide YouTube
Best Medic Gun In Battlefield 1 BF1 Weapon Guide YouTube from

Having said that, these suggestions are the top picks for every bf 1 class to fit a variety of options and play styles. So in this article we will slim it down to the best rifle there is. Guns i'd avoid are the farquhar storm and mondragon storm (there are better guns for sub 54m engagements, and neither are particularly good for ranges past that), the 1916 factory is another one to avoid.

Smle Carbine For Sniping (Has No Scope, People Won't See You And Is Great At Close Range Too Due To The Red Dot Sight) And The Range Is Insane!

Find your perfect fit today! One of them, the selbstlader m1916 is quite serviceable since it houses 25 rounds in the. Battlefield 1 best guns guide.

Best Medic Gun In Battlefield 1 Bf1 Weapon Guide Youtube From

Best medic weapon bf1 reddit bf1 medic selbstlader 1906 bf1 medic strategy bf1 medic syringe best medic setup bf1 best medic sniper bf1 best medic sidearm bf1 bf1 secret medic gun bf1 sweeper medic bf1 top medic guns. Each class's guns have very unique elements like the madsen lmg is very different to the m1917 lmg. Best guns for medic best guns for scout best guns for assault and best guns for.

It Is A Gas Operated, Selective Fire Assault Rifle With A Bullpup Design.

What is the best gun in battlefront 1? Geoffrey borgy borgonia is a veteran writer, artist. The mg15 is the rambo gun of bf1.

Use The Fedorov If You Want An Automatic 1907.

The mp 18 trench is a german submachine gun that excels in close quarters combat. The gewehr 43 is extremely good now, getting its rate of fire bumped up from 257. Bandages will keep your hp.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Not All Selbstlader Guns For The Medic Are Terrible.

Its the most badass assault gun and it can destroy a tank in a single shot if hit at the right place. I'm split between two medic guns, the selbstlader m1916 optical is nice for longer fights and the autoloader 8.25 is nice in more cqc because you have a much higher chance to beat an assault. Release bf1 bf1 trial minimal tactics v3 written by josh tuesday, september 14, 2021 edit.

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